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2005, Cornell University; 

performance, 10 min

This is a work that refers simultaneously to past, present and future. Single-child families lie on the floor, parents spread out quietly in the snow-angel position to the left and right, child in between them. The child’s cute and playful nature contrasts with the parents’ silent watchfulness. We discover that the child is holding an image of a painting by Leonardo, and that this is the basic shape from which she draws her image, but in her painterly process, we see human forms that draw even further on the child’s experience: childish, irrational but moving human shapes, even carrying traces of the parents’ faces and forms. Her drawing is based on a DaVinci painting, but her body is guarded by the man and woman at her sides, and so drawing on a natural inclination for history and the body, this sort of communication is not only effected among blood relatives, but with all those present. 

--Hu Fang

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