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Drive Shaft

1996, Hong Kong; performance, 4 day, brick, acrylic

Commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Centre


The focus of this work is the "walking" wall which wriggles through the small alleys, roads and pedestrian crossing bridges in Hong Kong. It becomes a Scene in contrast with the running local people on the streets. Today's Hong Kong is facing the social change, even the alteration of the social infrastructure. By bearing on one side the names of various city offices and on the other side those of different local parties and political organizations, the wall is transformed into a "social construction". The artist himself removes the components (bricks with the writing) of this "construction", constantly and intentionally driving it to the destination. At the end, the words on the wall become defaced and thus meaningless. In four days during the process of the realization of the work, the artist encountered a number of unforeseeable incidents. At the first night, some unidentified persons changed the shape of the resting wall on the pedestrian

crossing bridge and made it obstruct the

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