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The Result of 1000 pieces 

1994, Guangzhou; installation and performance, 300x200x50cm, brick, body, bank notes

The work The Result of 1000 Pieces 

did not come out as I had originally expected. The final structure, on the surface, had not been changed, but after some of the one hundred 10 RMB notes, which were sandwiched between the cracks of the bricks, had been pulled by viewers they became more than 200 RMB worth of torn half notes instead ! The general concept of art is that the viewer is not allowed to damage or affect the work in any way. In this instance the viewers wanted to take the money, but did not want to damage the work of art to do so. The very idea of dismantling the bricks never arose. Ultimately, the viewers were not thinking about the work of art they were looking at, but rather the amount of money involved in that work of art. I never indicated or stated that the audience should intervene in my work. During the exhibition I wanted to see what the final result would look like and calculated how much people would change the wall. The result proved my forecast to be just one form of expectation. I have

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