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The Departure From Her Feet 

2014, performance, 60 min

Commissioned by 12th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition,Biel/Bienne

The artist rolls from three different sites in Biel/Bienne always toward and ending at town hall. Day one sees him start from the Fountaine de la justice; day two from the pedestrian zone; and day three, from Le CentrePasquArt. In this physically challenging and potentially dangerous work Yilin utilizes public space in a way that all but normally forfeits its user of any real right to it: by rolling on the ground. Indeed, in doing so, Yilin foregrounds one of the primary, implicit taboos that the modern day polis and its citizens could be said to share with the Greek polis: if you’re not standing on it, then it doesn’t belong to you.

© lin yilin 2018

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