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My Imagination of Great Nation 

2001, New York; performance, 10 min

His work consists of a brick wall and a basin filled with water: the artist himself climbs on the wall and simulates swimming by entering and lifting his head out of the water, as each swimmer hits and breaks the water. The humoristic character of this theatre piece questions the ideas associated with efforts and obligatory nature. The work satirises swimming competitions in which humans adapt to a medium other than their own (water) through effort, capacity for sacrifice and skill. The wall, already seen in another more sculptural work by the same artist, is viewed as a barrier which man seeks to overcome, to break continuously through that determination to go ever further that is associated with the idea of progress, be it individual or social. The humorous character of the piece and the performances questions those ideas associated with effort which are imposed on us. 

--Juan Antonio Alvarez Reyes

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