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2009, Paris; performance, 90 min

Commissioned by 10th Biennale de Lyon

This piece is a kind of inspection. The reaction of pedestrians and policemen would be able to motivate owing to an odd walk as extreme performing by the artist, there was an experience to convert liberty from deprivation to self-restriction. The performance originate from the happing artist saw in a city of China, a young man stooped to walk with a handcuff between his wrist and ankle, probably he was an arrested criminal. l moved similar scene to Avenue des Champs Ulysses in Paris in 2009, and my action just attracted slight gaze of pedestrians, as well as policemen. l realized there’s a strange consensus in this area——person can deprives freely their own liberty. Two polices stopped my action until l passed through the Arch of Triumph and was about to end my performance, they blamed that my pose impacts hallowed symbol of nation and ordered me to open the handcuff, this means that liberty return oneself.

© lin yilin 2018

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