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Roundtable Discussion in Thailand (2)

Josef Ng: Thank you Chen Tong. There are a lot we have to digest but after hearings all the speakers, I think I did identify certain connections or relations between law, belonging and imagination. And that is also a contestation of territory, ideology and commodification. I want to bring these back to Pandit Chanrochanakit, who seemed to have quite a lot to contribute. Is there anything you think, of particular significance to this project that we have discussed so far? 

Pandit Chanrochanakit: I would like to talk a little bit about the past part of my thought, that the work I read of Lin compared to the other artists I mentioned. I think Yilin has shown in particular you see here (showing slides). He chose the notion of alienation. When the artist walks around the former village or former site, that the negotiation happened, he chose the notion of alienation of space. According to the notion of the project of communist development, the project of socialist development, people should enjoy the freedom together and create the products together. But instead I saw the sense of alienation emerged… from the artist walking around… That reminds me the notion of public and private. In western ideology, we sometimes call this public space, and sometimes call that private space. You can do whatever with the public space but according to the law you can not do anything else.

So you see a lot of things happened. Like Kamin mentioned in his presentation that The Land is supposed to  be ownerless.  But sometimes  having an owner is better.  You  need  to  have someone to design  what 


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