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Roundtable Discussion in Thailand (1)

​The discussion of "Whose Land? Whose Art?", it was held in the Bangkok Art and Culture Center on December 16th, 2010. The speakers are,

Josef Ng/curator of this project & moderator of discussion

Kamin Lertchaipraset/artist & co-founder of The Land

Ou Ning/curator & Chief editor of "CHUTZPAH" magazine              

Chen Tong/director of Libreria Borges Institute for Contemporary Art in Guangzhou & teacher at the Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy

Pandit Chanrochanakit/political scientist & teacher at Ramkamheang University      

Sun Dongdong/art critic & editor of "LEAP" magazine          

Zheng Lin/director of Tang Contemporary Art            

Lin Yilin/artist

Josef Ng: Welcome to the forum of "Whose Land? Whose Art?." One can’t deny the present fact of the post-urban explorations and dialogues relating to the shifting realities in China now. Curatorial process always proceeds in accidents and coincidences. The project went through collective experiences, and under different realities and settings, I am particularly pleased that I could use the occasion to experience how the artist, the supporting organizations, and myself as the curator, conjuring up negotiations and processes to define the project. 

When we were discussing about working together, Lin was also trying to solve an immediate issue to finding a new studio during the time when the demolition of artist studios was becoming a major issue in 


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