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-“Whose Land? Whose Art?”

The title and content for my project “Whose Land? Whose Art?” in The Land are connecting two very different natures of exhibition locations, two systems of land ownership and the associated and non-associated thinking regarding the reality in two eras. 

Exhibition Locations 

The location of The Land project in Chiangmai typifies a kind of utopian atmosphere, and it naturally triggers me to think of the ancient Chinese agricultural life and also the poetic subtly of intellectuals who lived in the rural areas of China. Land is a kind of media and container, or in other words, an ancient container, as well as a strange invention of “new” media. It carries and shows those products that are called “art” or “non-art”. They are evidence for contemporary scholars’ contemplation. The essence of The Land is to investigate another “starting point” of art. But the pragmatic invention is an intuitive expression of human existence, whilst also a reason for the existence of the need to balance utopian thinking. This is a paradoxical production of utopian ideals that I saw when I visited The Land.

Tang Contemporary Art in Bangkok is a gallery space located in a commercial building, where art is served as  commodities  to  be  sold.  However,  when  there  is not  much  craftsmanship  in the product,  can  we 


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