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The Result of a lot of Pieces 

1998, 1200x210x50cm, brick, body, bank notes

Commissioned by 1998 Taipei Biennial

LIN constructed a wall for this exhibition in the outdoor sculpture yard using some 5,000 bricks and 1,000 bank notes. The rough stacking of the bricks and the hollowed space in the wall in the shape of a human body, subvert the wall's solidity and permanence. The work is thus an effective visualization of the possibilities of disintegration and transformation existing in any aggregation of individuals units, an inherent feature of architecture or human society.​ LIN prefers familiar materials commonly found in everyday life. He uses water and money as well as brick, items essential to our lives and widely circulated or distributed in every community. In this installation, pieces of paper money are held in the cracks between the courses of brick, and viewers may feel the desire to steal. Some may actually try to dismantle the wall, in spite of the danger and take some of the money. If they do, they will be playing the artist's game since his intention is to make viewers see through their own actions, see how structures of society, culture, and tradition are broken down by the desire to make money.    


——Miki Akiko

© lin yilin 2018

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