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missing dolly

2005, 250x130x270cm, fiber glass, photograph

Commissioned by The Second Guangzhou Triennial

A metaphor for the relationship between laboratory and chorography of the scene to make a close imitation as a part of "Five Sheep Sculpture", one of famous attraction in Guangzhou and located in the Yue Xiu Park, was made in 1959. This sculpture narrates a beautiful legend about the source of "Sheep City" that is the alias of Guangzhou. The photograph is a portrait of "Dolly" the sheep, the world's first mammal cloned from a cell of an adult animal, was born in Scotland on July 5th, 1996. The research suffered near 300 times of experimentations a team led by Professor Ian Wilmut of the Edinburgh-based Roslin Institute. This is the best return for his twenty three years of hand work in the laboratory. On Feb 14, 2003, "Dolly" has been euthanized after being diagnosed with progressive lung disease, the Roslin Institute has said.

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