© linyilin 2018

Whose Land? Whose Art? 

2010, installation and performance,

1200x300x200cm, concrete, Chinese scale, bamboo crate

The wall stands mighty and tall. It originated as alienation and finished with harmony and integration. This is the experience of the work by Lin Yilin at the Land Foundation, recently conducted on the 11th of December, 2010. Lin Yilin usually creates work that acts as intense social critique. Issues such as land ownership, land reform, and security became crucial elements in his work. As presented by various medias, he applies these topics onto different nations and locations. Although the prominent size of the exhibiting wall at the Land Foundation expresses a somewhat critical nature, once thoroughly investigated, one will find that the wall is actually another work that expands the concept of the Land Foundation. Its existence can be read as “a thoughtful friend and a supporting ally”. “A wall is not a wall. It is formed to be dematerialised, and closed to be opened.” The usual space of the Land Foundation is laid out as an open plan, and the construction of the large wall by Lin Yilin further affirms, expands, and dissolves the boundary between private space and public realm. All physical sides of the wall can be utilised, whether it be the front, the back, the side, or the top. It is not designated to serve a specific function and that leads to transformations of the conceptual wall or the cognition of a wall. The alteration of experience and familiarity with a subject challenges the person to explore themselves and their own environment. These impacts act as the opening of space, which will reduce differences and support the integrations of all surrounding elements. The voluminous wall is neither an obstacle nor an obstruction, but is a powerful open space that poses questions and encourages us to rethink and further consider our relationships with other things around us. The foundation does not wish for the wall by Lin Yilin to bring forth rapid changes today but rather for the art activity of Lin Yilin to be manifested and to continue to stand tall for visitors to experience its materiality and concept.  
-- The Land Foundation