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one day

2006, performance, 30 min

One day in the autumn of 2006, I came to Haikou, the capital city of the southern-most province of China. When I was passing by a crowded and old street, I was shocked by a scene. A young man had a difficult time walking with a bent back; his wrist was handcuffed to his ankle. He was followed by a man resembling a policeman in plain clothes. Based on my deduction, the young man was probably a thief being caught just a few minutes ago, and was on route to the police station. As an artist, what can I do, except for restaging this happening? I planned to play the role of thief myself again in order to experience the desperate feelings. But my ankles were too broad for the handcuffs. I located a thin young artist to play the role. When the artist walked on the street, the street became a special stage for exploring human nature. In this stage, the "Criminal" was more like an animal; the pedestrians projected their doubtful eyes on him and guessed what had happened. Nobody asked whether this person shot by the camera was an actor or a real criminal. This performance is different from the happening I saw. I deleted the role of the policeman and made the thief's identity blurry in order to expand the content of the work. I only hope that the audience would think about the predicament of humanity. Such absurdity is happening every day in this world, and everybody is both inside and outside of different roles.