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The Result of a lot of Pieces 

1998, 1200x210x50cm, brick, body, bank notes

The Chinese artist Lin Yilin, considered the spokesman for the Guangzhou based Big Tail Elephants group, created somewhat of a problem for the museum staff with his work The Result of 1000 pieces for which he required 5,000 gray colored bricks, almost unobtainable in Taiwan where red-colored bricks are used. The bricks were finally found and the wall built in one of the Museum's outdoor sculpture gardens. The wall's instability could be seen as a metaphor for physical and social deterioration, with a center which someone with outstretched could easily destroy. Lin attached 1,000 dollar Taiwanese bank-notes to different places in the wall which, metaphorically expressing economic circulation and communication between the artist and the viewer, Lin had intended visitors take and spend. Unfortunately, perhaps due to concern that in their eagerness to acquire the notes the public would cause the wall's collapse, the door to the courtyard was locked prohibiting any interaction. 
--Maggie Pai